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Justin "Apple Frit" Anderson

Favorite Quote - "Uno, dos, tres, catorce..."
Favorite Beer - The "High Life" Baby!
Favorite Hobby - Cussin' in Spanish.
Least Favorite Pet - Shannon's spotty dog.
Favorite Movie - Scarface and Bambi???
Shannon "Short Stop" Bradley
Lead Vox, Guitar

Favorite Quote - "Sorry, I have wee feet. They need to move."
Favorite Beer - Guinness, duh!
Favorite Hobby - Finding creative ways to reach things on the top shelf.
Least Favorite Pet - Pongo, you stooopid beeech!
Favorite Movie - Pulp Fiction, muthafuc$a!
Chad "Mr Chitlin" Dorado
Lead Guitar, Vox

Favorite Quote - "I just downloaded a bunch of Hall and Oates, and I could not be more pleased!"
Favorite Beer - Snow Shoe Ale
Favorite Hobby - Reading to old people and their blind pets.
Least Favorite Pet - That's not funny, dude. I love all God's creatures...
Favorite Movie - Super Troopers and Cocoon
Michael "Hippy" Klooster

Favorite Quote - "If you can't beat em... Ah, fuck it."
Favorite Beer - The Nearest
Favorite Hobby - Intern Bashing.
Least Favorite Pet - That neighbor cat!
Favorite Movie - Smash Mouth Live at Disney
TJ "Sandy V" Tyler
Bass, Vox

Favorite Quote - "I am going to just stand here and not say anything stupid."
Favorite Beer - Boddington's on tap at an Irish Pub!
Favorite Hobby - Amateur music video choreography.
Least Favorite Pet - Wesley, my coked-up dog!
Favorite Movie - Tie: Ocean's 11 and The Sound of Music

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