The Mundaze

Here are some bands and venues that we've grown quite fond of. Please check them out and have fun!


The Mundaze are pleased to be included at the ultimate on-line music store, iTunes. For those of you who currently use it, click on the following link, and go straight to our album. The Mundaze on iTunes. Buy it, please!!!
The Megan Slankard Band

Let's be clear here. WE LOVE MEGAN SLANKARD! You should too. We love that she has graced us with her presence at some great shows. We love her band. We love that she kicks monstrous amounts of butt. Please check out (and BUY) her latest album, and see what she's got going on at
REO Stevewagon

One of the greatest guys you would ever want to know, also happens to be one of the best showmen we know! Leave it to Steve to bring down the house with one of his sick jams... REO Stevewagon on MySpace
Suki James

Great friend of ours who managed to assemble one of the warmest and most comfortable sounds out there, they are getting things moving in style! Suki James on MySpace

Former members of Jimmy Roots, Missy and Eric have put together a beautiful soundscape of hauntingly gorgeous songs! Aravis on MySpace
Roem Baur

With a voice and talent like Roem's, it is hard to believe that he can be seen locally on a semi-regular basis. Check him out, and you will join us in being blown away! Roem on MySpace
Suzanna Smith

Now, we are not exactly a jazz group, but we recognize the pipes when we hear them. Suzanna was kind enough to do a show with us, and the venue was so blown away, they booked her through the whole summer. Yeah, she's that talented!Suzanna on MySpace
Jon Valenti

A great guy who transitioned from pro baseball player to pro singer songwriter. Check him out!Jon Valenti on MySpace
Aaron Durr

Aaron is one of those genuinely talented guys who does not let it get in the way of his having a great time and putting on a great show Oh, and he puts out some fabulous music vids!Aaron Durr on MySpace
Smash Mouth

Yeah. So we love Smash Mouth, and not just because we happen to share a keyboard player with them!
Scott West and Sex on Sunday

Our friend Scott West has been incredibly supportive of The Mundaze. We owe him thanks for some great gigs, some great contacts, and some great beers! All that, and he is a great artist. Check out his mojo at Scott West on MySpace
Beckett's of Berkeley

This place rocks! Awesome guys running the place, and they let us stay late and drink much!!! You cannot find a more authentic Irish Pub in the area, and the help can be nice and surly when they've had a rough night. Arrrgghhhh... Beckett's Website
The Red Devil Lounge

The crew running that place is absolutely fabulous, and they made our de-flowering as a club act just like heaven...
Fat Cat Music House and Lounge

Classy club, excellent sound, great owner and talent buyer, awesome sound guys, and a great waitstaff. What more could you want? Oh yeah, and they support local music! Fat Cat
Two Day Town

This premier, and emerging music festival was kind enough to take us in back in 2005, and we have been proud to have been a part of it ever since. Get your tickets and GO to this each and every

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