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Sat 06.10.2016
Garlic Brothers!

Stockton, CA
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You know who you are! Here are The Mundaze as they perform a new song, Girls Like You, live at The Wood Family Vineyards!

209 Party! Here are The Mundaze as they perform their new song, All The Way Down, in preparation for recording their 3rd album. Tracking is in process, and the new songs are all great! Enjoy!

209 Party! Take a look at The Mundaze as we work on our next album! Video clips and samples, just for you!

New Year's Eve is a 209 Party! Join us as we ring in 2010 with Icarus Jones and Four Feet of Glass at The Matinee in Downtown Stockton. 21+ and the party kicks of at 9pm. Pre-buy your tickets via PayPal for just $5, or at the door for $10. Includes champagne toast at midnight. Buy your tickets now!

209 Party! Take a peek at a clip as we record our new tune!

iTunes has The Mundaze! Just wanted to remind everyone that both albums, Far From OK, and These Are The Daze are available at iTunes, as well as most other on-line sites. Click and enjoy! Oh, yeah, and we are playing in Sacramento this weekend on Sunday the 16th at Discover Park to support the Discover The Delta Foundation. Party kicks off around noon!

Saturday, August 1st is a day of Rock! We've been head-down for a while, and are bringing it back big-time. Saturday, August 1 from 2:30 to 4:00 pm we tear up the Nightclub Stage at the 2009 Freemont Festival of the Arts. Lots of great tunes, drink, art, and fun. Then, head up to Berkeley with us as we bring the party to Beckett's from 10pm to 1am. We love this place, and we know that you do, too. Come on out!

Kick Down My Door from Far From OK earns 'Track of The Day'! has awarded the first track from our Sophomore album with its prestigious award in the Pop-Rock category. Our new song is currently sitting near the top of the charts (which consists of over 20,000 songs). Go on over and check it out (and download for free) via the link below, or at iLike on FaceBook and let us know what you think...

New Year's Eve CD Release Party is Coming for Far From OK! Now, pick yourselves up off the floor, but it is true... The Mundaze celebrate the release of their new album in style at Beckett's Irish Pub on New Year's Eve! Come join us and our good friends, The Icarus Jones Collective, as we ring in the new year and make available our new album! 21+ Only with ID. FREE. Come early for dinner and drinks, and then get your groove on with The Mundaze!

Far From OK is coming soon... Click below to watch a teaser trailer we put together to showcase samples from the new album!

Pre-Orders Being Accepted for Far From OK! We are in final mix-down. Recording is done. Art concepts are complete. Pictures are selected. Lyrics have been typed up, and the multi-panel digipack design has been chosen for the CD. So, we figured we'd give you a way to get the CD in your hands even sooner than waiting for the CD release shows. Here's what we're gonna do... The day the CD's arrive, we'll get your CD out in the mail. The $10 price includes tax and shipping. So, click below to our PayPal site, and get your pre-order in. It will really help us out with our up-front expenses, and it gets the CD to you fast! That's sounds like a good deal...

Recording on Far From OK is complete! Well, it was done a couple of weeks ago, but we wanted to be sure that Mike did not want to add anything... September will see the release of the album, and look for pre-orders available soon!

News story on Sacramento's News 10 with Tim Daly! So, the story aired last night, and the response has been fantastic! Watch as the story covers Michael Klooster taking on The Mundaze and see Shannon recording vocals for "Freaks." Check it out for yourself, then please pass the word along to your friends...

News story on Sacramento's News 10 with Tim Daly! We are pretty excited to be a part of a feature story on our producer, Mike Klooster, as presented on Sacramento's News 10. Tim Daly and his crew came in and as part of their story on Mike, they filmed Shannon recording vocals on Freaks. Tonight, a teaser will air, and the full story airs tomorrow night. Check it, TiVo it, tell your friends about it!

NEW MUSIC! Get over to immediately!

We've neglected you... We are sorry to have been so silent, but that is only because we've been singing and guitaring and keyboarding a LOT lately in the studio. Yeah, we know, you've heard that one before. However, we can honestly state that we are REALLY close to being done. Expect something really cool for those who choose to attend the Two Day Town festival the weekend of April 25th!

E-Mail problems! The geniuses at who host our website seemed to forget that we wanted our e-mail migrated as well. After a substantial amount of time with tech support, we should be back on-line shortly. If you received a bounced message, we apologize. We are still here! Oh yeah, and Far From OK will actually be finished in this lifetime. Promise!

We're pleased to announce that we've been nominated again for a Modesto Area Music Association award for Best Jam Band. Click below and scroll down to the Jam Band category to show your love!
The Mundaze

Happy Summer again! We got two more lead vocal tracks in the can last night, and things are looking bright for a finish this century! We had an amazing show last Friday night at The Bothwell Arts Center and we want to thank everyone who came out to see us in our Storytellers mode. We look forward to seeing you at a show very soon!

Happy Summer! Yeah, we are still recording, but trust us when we say that it will be worth the wait... In the meantime, we've put together a mini documentary about the process of making the album, and we hope you enjoy it!

Happy New Year! We've got a new photos page up, so take a look. Bass tracking is done for the record, and acoustic guitar tracking starts tonight. There is a brand new song that the band has written and we are trying to decide if we should try to put it on this album. Stay tuned for the next greatest hit song! No shows on the horizon, but that will change once the album gets closer to being done. Hope you all are well!

The band and a host of characters have been busy recording the follow-up album tentatively titled, 'Far From OK' and it is coming along very well. Mark Cervantes from Smashmouth spent two days with us in the studio after they played the B93 acoustic Christas show. He put down some sick grooves and tirelessly recorded various percussive instruments for 12 songs! Mike and Mark are on the road off and on through the rest of December, so recording will pick up again in January. Justin has recorded and mixed all drum tracks, and TJ has recorded about 8 bass tracks so far. Lots of new tunes cooking as well, and look for at least one new cover song as we tear it up at Beckett's on New Year's Eve! See you there.

The Mundaze are honored to be included in a blogsite that is near and dear to our hearts, called Recording Industry vs People. We have been called a band that supports non-RIAA 'Liberated' Music, and that's pretty cool. Now, it's not that we don't want you to buy our music, we just don't believe that the RIAA is actually looking out for artists' rights, but rather music industry executives' pocketbooks that have a quarterly-revenue-focused myopic view of art. Sharing is good for music, and we would not have nearly the success we have had to date without our friends on the internet sharing us. When you hear something good, you might buy it, but if you never hear it, you definitely won't buy it. So, click on through and visit the home of some brave folks fighting to defend independent music!

The Mundaze are hitting September with a bang! Great shows coming up, so see the Gigs Link for details on all the gigs. Also, the band has been nominated by the Modesto Area Music Association as Best Pop group for 2006. This competition is based 100% on votes at the website, so please click through and vote for The Mundaze! See everyone at a show soon.
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The Mundaze are PROUD to support 'Free The Need' and all it stands for. Come enjoy their big fundraising event in San Francisco at the Speakeasy Brewery on Saturday, September 30th. The Mundaze are the headlining entertainment for the afternoon, and there will be lots of fun to be had! Click on the image below for more information and to get tickets.
Free The Need

Pre-production is largely wrapped, and tracking starts soon on the new album! We've also posted a new live show up at Archive.Org. It was our holiday party last year at The Fat Cat, direct from the soundboard. Sounds great, and for those of you who've not had a chance to see the band live, it'll let you know what you've been missing. So, click on the Archive.Org link and download away!

Pre-production recording continues on what is sure to be an amazing album. Basic tracks are down for all songs being considered, and Michael Klooster's production style is taking The Mundaze sound to new levels. The band has been playing select shows, so keep your eyes peeled. Digital distribution for These Are The Daze continues to be expanded as works more deals with the band. Check out your favorite music download site, and odds are that you can stream it and buy it.

The Mundaze are taking some time away from giggin' to focus on pre-production and recording for their next album tentatively called The Mundazesess Sophomore Effort or something like that. You can tell we are not spending as much time on the album title. Also, feel free to cruise on over to our little spot on MySpace and see what's new there. See you all in April!

The Mundaze are opening for the legendary Pat Travers at The Fat Cat on January 24th! Be there!!! Also, The Mundaze hit the road this weekend for the NAMM show in LA. Wish us luck on lucrative endorsement deals...

The Mundaze spread their tenticles further into the web! We are pleased to be included in the Archive.Org library of live shows. You can now download our Fat Cat show from 09-07-05 that is a direct recording from the main board. Sounds pretty good, and things get rockin. So, click on the Archive.Org Site and download away!

The Mundaze and Paypal - TLA! We've now enabled on-line payment for concert tickets. So now, when advance tickets cost money (and sometimes they do), you can find a corresponding payment link on the Gigs Page and login via paypal to complete the transaction. Your ticket will be waiting for you at the door. Now, how cool is that?

New song is up! Download a new demo version of Hey Little Sista'. Also, we've got a new page of photos up. Click and enjoy!

These Are The Daze is now available on Apple's iTunes! Get the track you want or the whole darn album for a great price. Support independent music. Search for The Mundaze and click away!

The Mundaze's song, Good Times, has been chosen as Track of The Day at Garage Band for June 10, 2005. Check us out, as we spend the day as the face of Pop-Rock at the indie-label online powerhause! Also, These Are The Daze is available in the local artists listening station at Tower Records in Dublin, CA. Take a listen, mouth to everyone who walks by how much you LOVE this band, then buy a copy for your neighbor!

The Mundaze have been picked-up by The Podcast Network's Rock Show for May 16th. She Says is featured in the weekly rock showcase, and we'd love for you to check out the other great acts on the show at This Link. You can dowload the show to your iPod or other device, and enjoy when you will.

We are pleased to announce that Justin Anderson has joined The Mundaze! After many great years, Curtis has chosen to move on to bigger and better things, and though we can never properly fill the throne he left, we are happy to have Justin with us bangin' on the skins. The first show you can see him shake his money maker at is The Fat Cat on Cinco de Mayo in Modesto. He is our Red-Headed 'Animundaze', and he is much better looking in person!

These Are The Daze is now available on CD Baby! Last weekend, the band went down to LA to rehearse in a studio in North Hollywood and get some great input and advice from a fantastic producer. We had a great time, and learned a lot. Also, Fine has made it to round two of Garage Band's pop-rock song competition, and has been selected as Track of The Day for April 15th! We've also booked some more gigs, and hope to see your smiling faces soon to hear some new songs we've been writing!

These Are The Daze is now available for purchase at Tower Records in Dublin, CA. Expect more retail and on-line locations soon, and thanks for your ongoing support. In addition, The Mundaze now has its Electronic Press Kit (EPK) available at Sonicbids! Check it out below.
View The Mundaze's EPK
View The Mundaze's EPK

New photos page is now available! We've got photos from recent shows, and some extra shots from when we did the album cover photos. Take a look at our 'sexy' mugs and let us know what you think. Get there now.

New website is released! Please let us know what you think at

2.18 marked the official initiation of The Mundaze into the radio world. We spent the evening at B93.1 in Modesto with Erik Anderson, and performed an on-air, acoustic version of Hey Little Sista'. Check out the songs page to hear it for yourself. Thanks to Dave Mazzy for hosting us!

So, the CD release weekend was a huge success!!! Thanks to all of you who came out and showed the love. Both venues were very happy with the turnout, and we hope you all got your hands on a 'Mundaze' pint glass. We had a blast, and we hope you did too. Pictures and sound clips from the RDL show will be available soon. Please check back for more, and visit our merchandise page to get a copy.

Mixing on These Are The Daze is complete. Audio masters, artwork concepts, and payment was all sent to DiscMakers for final mastering, CD art layout design, and production. We're set for having them in hand in plenty of time for the CD release weekend beginning Feb 11th!

The Mundaze have caught up to the rest of the hip world, and got ourselves on MySpace. Great content. photos, calendar, and friends available. Check it out!

See The Mundaze get written up by Rick DelVecchio in the SF Chronicle in advance of our Live 105 Battle of The Bands Final Round Performance here. Very cool in our first media article.
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