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Just checking out the music, Brian loves the CD Demo you gave him! Want to see you guys do some dates down here in SoCal. Come stay with us and tear it up in the southland! Was great seeing you Shannon last weekend, can't wait to see the band live!
Michelle <>
Los Angeles, CA USA -
Saw your blog on and it peaked my interest....shaved privates are SOOOOO sexy on guys. Had to find your website and Yea! you play in the Bay Area! Cannot wait to "see" you sexy bald men. ;)
Kelli Evans
anytown, usa -
"My love for you is like a truck...." You fellas make a girl want to be a virgin again so she can give it up for ya'll! Betcha 5 bucks I'll be shakin my money maker atchya this Saturday!
T$ <>
Stocktonia, Cali USA -
met tj at trash can sinatras. looking forward to seeing you guys play live at the red devil.
ray garcia <>
oakland, ca usa -
How cool is that? I remember most of you from High School! Gotta check you all out at Panama Bay in December! - Carolyn P.S. Yeah, what that earlier comment said...Lalalalalot69lalalala...
Carolyn <>
Livermore, CA USA -
Uhh.. holy crap. I just came across this site and I was wondering if you could play "What's Wrong" at your next Livermore gig, cuz I'll be sure to be there. Or maybe "Darkness" cuz that drummer is teh sexy. I thought you guys were only in bands with numbers in the name. Ah well... I hope to catch up with you guys!
Stoph <>
Livermore, CA USA -
Just wanted to give a big thank you out to all those who came out and made some serious noise at the Battle of the Bands. You guys really made our night. Also big thanks to all those who came and gave us all sorts of great feedback after our set and the people who just stopped on the sidewalk to groove. All the talented bands we got to paly with and meet. It was a great couple of nights of music. Biggest thanks to all the great folks at Beckett's who always make us feel right at home. You guys kick ass!
Shannon <>
Stockton, CA United States -
I just have to say that you all are so H-O-T!!! Especially Shannon and Chad. I can't get enough of their gorgeous faces, buff arms and toned abs. I love their flowing hair and chisseled jaw-lines. My mouth waters everytime I think of their hot, sweaty, sexy bodies. I just want to lick....OOps, was I saying that out loud. Shoot. Okay, well you guys are great. :) it's me - Jackie U from the Garlic Brothers Crew. Just letting you know that I can't wait to see you live again. Gonna try to make it on 10-01. Talk to you guys later.
Jackie <>
Stockton, CA USA -
HOlY SH*T!!! We won. Thanks to all who came out to support your Mundaze, and a special thanks to Sherri "Rock"wood, who won the Drummers Free Shot award. Thanks again, be there on the 24th! C
The Drummer <Curtis>
uh yeah, -
none yet
Ray and Sherri
Tracy, ca usa -
We need everybody there on FRIDAY SEPT 10...... The person I see yell and have the best time @ the BATTLE,I will personally buy a beer (or shot). No pressure. Just get out there, and support your MUNDAZE...... See you @ Becketts Curtis
The Drummer <>
Hey guys... Just peekin' at the site... Hope this finds you well and ready to kick ass at the battle of the bands...
Livermore, -
Hey ya'll. For those of you who know my brother Pat, he is moving to Boston on 9/1. This friday's show (8/27) at Beckett's will be one of the last Mundaze shows he will be at for quite some time. So if you wanna give Pat a hard time, or buy him a drink, or tell him how much you will or won't miss him, this will be the time to do it. So come on down to Beckett's, and let's send him off to Boston with a healthy hangover. :)
Shannon Bradley <>
Stockton, CA United States -
Shannon my friend, I need three trucks of 6oz tomato paste for Detroit Wally
El Cajon, -
Scott West <>
Good music, good website, good merchandise, and the ladies aint half bad either. You guys sound really good. You should concider playing in Santa Barbara. I know Chad is anti-So Cal but here is a little known "trivial fact" that you guys may not be aware of. Santa Barbara is its own entity and carries no affiliation to either North or South. We just just sit here in the middle and keep quiet and stay perfect. That being said, there is no reason why you guys wouldn't play here. Tons of chicks, beautiful weather year round. Check it out—
Alan Lockwood <>
Santa Barbara, CA China, (&I'm half black) -
Shannon here. Don't really have anything to say, except for maybe that TJ can't type whwne he is drinking. Anyone got any suggestions for cover tunes, other than the new Britney song???
Shannon <>
Stocktucky, CA USA-Dude! -
(Chad's biggest cousin here) I definitely think I had SOMETHING to do with your formulative years, including rock n roll and needless to say exposure to my topless girlfriends when you were just a wee spudling... so where's MY free CD... PO Box 1162 Pioneer CA 95666....Just kidding dude.
Danimal <none>
Jackson, -
Sup y'all!! you see all bass players are just natural chick magnets, I know this for I am one! You dont know how many women I approach and get touched (rather aggressively I might add) in the face! lol its awesome. anywhoozle, just wanted to post say its awesome to play shows with you guys....especially when T.J. buys me all that beer!!! lol take care!
David a.k.a. "The Dark Lord" <>
Molesto oops! Modesto, Ca Hades -
Sorry about all the type O's... I have NOT been drinking...honest.
Terry <>
Chad's (big) cousin just checking out the site. See you are playing at 32's tonite. Have fun, I used to party there often when I was your age! If you cab sneak into the women's upstairs bathroom, there's a small lounge area. VERY interesting things happen in there. POr at least they used to in the 90's. Love ya cuz. Oh ya, I want one of those free CDs and why don't I have one already??? P.S. OOOh PLEEEZE...Snow Sho Ale. If you all want some really good beer, you should come play in Northen California (the REAL Northern California!) and have some of our home brew.
Terry <>
SF/Klamath River, CA -
That bassist sure is a sexy man! If I weren't straight...
Michael Kelley
Carlsbad, CA USA -
hey nice site. my two friends and i were driving through elk grove and saw you guys playing so we stopped to check it out. good thing, you guys were great! well, the last song we caught at least, haha we were kind of late. thanks for the free cd!! we listened to it on the way out of there. that was really great too! hopefully we'll catch you play a full set the next time you're in stockton, can't wait!!
Stefanie <>
Stockton, ca -
Yo me gusta la musica. Arriba los Mundaze!
Carlos Salazar <>
Monterey, GU Mexico -
This band kicks major ass! I especially like the bassist.
Robert Tyler <>
San Ramon, CA USA -
hey u guys rock, i went to twoday town as heard u from my trailer(i was dying of allergies) but anyways just wanted to say i love your stuff. also i didnt know how to "contact" you so if u can when u rockers can get a chance buzz me a line please. u all are great
ash <>
martinez, ca usa -
Well, the guestbook is finally up! Have fun y'all!!!
TJ <>
Livermore, CA USA -

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