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We are The mundaze


"The Mundaze are a rockin' brew of pop's simplicity with R&B groove, funk movement, classic rock guitar riffs, and shimmering vocals. This is the good-time rock band you listen to with friends during a great night out enjoying tunes you might not yet know, but feel like you should."


Lead Guitar, Vocals / Chad Dorado

Drums / Justin Anderson

Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar / Shannon Bradley

Percussion / Tino Casillas

Bass, Vocals / TJ Tyler

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Live shows

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Love This Life Cover.jpg


by The Mundaze
Far From OK Cover 12-10-08.jpg

Far From OK - 2009

by The Mundaze
2015 04 24 Two Day Town 611 BW.jpeg
These Are The Daze cover.jpg

These Are The Daze - 2003

by The Mundaze
2015 04 24 Two Day Town 571 BW.jpeg


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